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Flood Damage Remediation Quote around Houston, TX

In the South, torrential thunderstorms can generate flooding. That said, flood damage can also be caused by issues like busted pipes and broken appliances. Flood damage is worse than simple water damage, occupying entire levels or homes such as your crawlspace. The contractors at Paul Davis know how expensive reversing flood damage can be, so we make it as affordable and fast as possible. To guarantee your safety and security, we offer 24/7 flood damage remediation to our customers throughout Houston, TX. To sweeten our service, we can also help you along the claims process.

The Treatment Process

Whether the flooding was caused by a recent storm or busted pipes, Paul Davis Restoration of West Houston uses the best tools for a reasonable rate. Hiring a flood damage repair service shouldn’t cost your family an arm and a leg, contact the most affordable flood damage repair firm in Houston, TX. When our experts arrive, we conduct an assessment of the damage on your property. We tell you the severity of the damage, how much it may cost and how long the work may take. We will present the closest quote because our experts around Houston, TX have qualifications in flash flood damage repair.

Eliminating Standing Water

We quickly start eliminating remaining flood water from your space once you agree to our price quote. We use specialized pumps to remove as much standing water as we can. The chances of dangerous mold damage lowers as soon as this drying procedure is done. We find moisture with specialized moisture detectors behind your drywall.

Clearing the Air

Even after we drain the visible flood water, our work isn’t finished. We may need to replace your tiles or carpet to clean any extra damage to the subfloor. The Paul Davis Restoration of West Houston contractors speed up the ventilation process by using powerful fans and dehumidifiers. We work carefully throughout the task to prevent worse damage from mold or leftover water.

Sterilizing the Affected Area

Even when the water and debris from a flood goes, the odor can hang in the atmosphere. With professional intervention, you can avoid this odor from transferring to any fabrics damaged by the flood like blankets and furniture.

Infrastructure Fixes

Floods can harm your home with condensation on the windows, stripped wallpaper, scattered debris and warped doorways. With so much work to complete, you might feel overwhelmed. The professionals from Paul Davis Restoration of West Houston have a team trained in treatment techniques necessary to remove flood damage inside and out.

Call Us Today

Flood damage of any variety can be hard to deal with, but help is on the way from the professionals from Paul Davis Restoration of West Houston. Our team goes above and beyond to remove flood damage of all types. Additionally, we help with filing your insurance claims to make your recovery go more smoothly. Call us today to reserve an assessment.