A Homeowners Approach to Defending a House from a Hurricane

Natural disasters can happen without a moment’s notice, but hurricanes can at least be identified before they hit your location. When it’s hurricane season, it’s crucial to do some planning. Since your home is one of your most valuable investments, it’s a smart idea to do what you can to prevent the perils that hurricanes can bring to your house and to prevent any storm damage repair. There are a lot of things to check up on when prepping your residence for a hurricane. To safeguard your residence from a hurricane, use the steps below.

Hurricane Planning Checklist – Best Approaches to Prevent Storm Damage

  • Garage Door – Begin with your garage if your home has one, because this is one of the most susceptible areas for storm damage. Most garage doors don’t have the support to fight strong winds. What can happen is the wind will create a positive push in your garage, and the wind outside of the structure creates a negative pull. When this happens, your garage and roof will endure a lot of pressure because of this push-pull instance. To defend from a major storm damage repair, you can purchase a kit that will help your garage door resist hurricane conditions. This is the most efficient step, but if you don’t have the time to install a kit, then you can use your car to help support your garage door.
  • Windows and Doors – The other problematic areas in your residence are your access points like your doors and windows. Shattered windows will allow wind and rain to enter into your house, and this can lead to water damage problems. When a hurricane is on the way, make sure you lock your windows. If you have storm shutters installed, ensure they are in good condition and locked, but if you don’t have storm shutters, you can board up your windows to keep probable damage out of your house. Additionally, keep in mind that sticking masking tape on your windows won’t do anything to defend them. As for your doors, lock the deadbolts or any other locks to ensure they don’t pop open during strong winds.
  • Roof – Your roof acts as a primary defense against the elements, and that’s why it’s vital to ensure it’s ready for hurricane season. Locate any out of place shingles and mend them with the proper roofing material like roofing cement. You’ll also want proper irrigation for the strong rains, so clear out your gutters so the water doesn’t concentrate on your roof. You can then check out any wires that are entering into your house and seal off any unprotected gaps to prevent water damage from occurring. At last, judge whether it’s necessary to secure your roof with hurricane straps.
  • Your Property – Your yard can be a primary risk when a hurricane approaches. Items that aren’t weighed down or fastened to the ground could be lifted from the high wind and be heaved into your house and your neighbor’s as well. Walk around your yard and relocate any children’s toys, patio furniture, BBQs and garden accessories to a location out of harm’s way. One other thing you need to do is remove any dangling or dead limbs from your trees and shrubs.
  • Car – Your car can easily be forgotten when you’re preparing your property for a hurricane. But it’s just as critical to get your car ready as well, so check that you have: your gas tank filled, good windshield wipers, good tires and your windows sealed properly. In addition, be attentive of where you park, especially if you rely on street parking. Check that your vehicle isn’t beneath any trees or in a location that’s vulnerable to flooding.

Paul Davis – Storm Damage Restoration Company

Damages from hurricanes can be disastrous, and there is only so much you can do to defend your house. When your residence needs storm damage restoration services, contact Paul Davis. Our team of experts can restore your house back to normal in a timely manner. You can trust the professional storm damage restoration team at Paul Davis. Give us a call now at 888-473-7669 and a franchise in your area will be there to assist.